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4785332751_03b2a80968_oIf you are engaged and you are planning to marry, you should take about one year to prepare for the wedding. Most couples don’t know what to start or end with when planning for their wedding. The following are activities to be carried out each month when preparing for the wedding
Twelve-months before
Hire a wedding consultant and choose your planning team. Consult with your important guest and with your venues to set your wedding date finally you can come up with your guest list.

Eight to ten month before
The bride should come up with a shop to buy her gown, also come up with your floral décor. Do an interview with the disk joker, photographer, vendor reception band, and the florist. You should book your wedding professionals and accommodation for your guest. Lastly, cover your deposit with a wedding insurance policy.

Six to eight month before
Research and book for bridesmaids dresses. Still in this month come up with your honeymoon. If you are having a destination wedding or you are marrying during a holiday season you can save the date card.

Four to six month before
Shop for formal wear, invitation order and wedding rings. If you wedding will involve living the country you can get or renew your passport.it is also important you and your partner attend a pre-wedding counseling during this month.

Three months before
Hire a calligrapher to address your invitations. The bridegroom should rent or buy men’s wear. Wedding day transport that is limousines or another car of your preference should be hired during this month. Lastly, order a wedding cake.

One to two month before
Mail your invitation and write your vows. Buy gifts for attendants, each other and the parents. Write to the local bureau applying for a marriage license. The bride and all bridesmaid should ensure their gown are well fitted and ready for the wedding. You and your planning team should come up with a wedding program.

One to two weeks before
Make your final arrangement with your wedding photographers and bandleader, for instance, you can give him the 4595127567_54c8829848_ospecial song to be played. Have a final figure of those who will attend the event including your wedding professionals like the florist. Make sure your calligrapher has properly printed various place, and all table cards are in place. Give the location manager list of vendor’s requests. Get your hair trimmed and attend bachelor’s party.

One to three day before
Have all vendors reconfirm final details and make any final substitutions. Make sure you have given the transport company pick up time and location. Have an emergency number given to all wedding professional.

Night before
Have a rehearse dinner to rehearse the ceremony. Make sure your officiant have marriage license
Wedding day
Present each other and your parent with gifts. Make wedding vows or proceed according to the expectation of your wedding.

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